Fastest growing company in Roadside


 Founded in 2014 Allied Dispatch Solutions has experienced growth across North America to become the fastest growing solutions company in the roadside assistance industry. With operations expanding in Northeast Tennessee and Ontario Canada, Allied remains poised to continue to offer 24x7x365 support to its partners, providers and members.

Transparency and consistency in an ever evolving market.


Allied Dispatch Solutions offers a suite of products unparalleled in the roadside industry; creating transparency, flexibility, and stability. Live interactive agent experiences coupled with our cloud-based systems transform the customer's experience and provide our partners with tailored solutions that leverage the latest technologies to support their specific needs. 



Commitment to YOUR brand and customers.

Allied is positioned to provide your brand and your customers with the quality and experience they deserve. Whether you are looking for a white label solution or something else, we are equipped to provide a seamless integration and can customize our solutions in any way needed to maintain the standards your customers have come to expect from your brand.


Built on trust and experience.

Allied's leadership team is comprised of some of the industries leading experts who believe that transparency is what makes good partnerships great. Several decades of combined experience has  Utilizing the best in class technology of Evolve and TrxNow we maintain industry leading levels of service and reporting.